Amandier is a macaron atelier that offers customised, jewel like macarons to clients. Each and every piece is handcrafted with care and meticulous attention to detail. We love working with clients to produce a unique set of macarons for your event.

We take pride not only in how our macarons look, but also how they taste. We only use premium ingredients for our macarons, such as:

Almond flour - comes from a family farm in California that has been growing almonds for four generations.

Chocolate - we only use couverture chocolate for our ganaches.

Eggs- happy hens make happy eggs and happy meringues. We use only cage free eggs. 


Macarons that fail to meet Kaya's OCD standards will not leave the kitchen. We hate seeing macarons with broken shells or bulging bubbles in stores - we make sure our macarons are as beautiful as they taste.


Kaya started Cakisserie back in 2014 with a focus on customised cakes and a macaron hobby on the side. Soon the side business became her passion.

Kaya now focuses mostly on macarons.

"A cake can be a tapestry for an artist, for me macarons became an outlet for mini art and fun accompanied with concentrated bursts of flavour from exotic passionfruit and Tahitian vanilla to fresh raspberry to caramelised apple. Although decorated, I strive to maintain the integrity of the macaron and its flavours. After all, while people seem to love sharing them at events with family and friends, each single macaron experience is still deeply personal to whoever selected it."

Kaya studied Pastry Arts and Cake Decorating at the International Culinary Centre in Soho New York.