Classic Macarons with a Twist


Geometric Macarons

Holiday Macarons

Classic Macarons with a Twist

These macarons are round and like the ones you may see in bakeries or even supermarkets. We still like to make even our simple macarons special, and you will find that they have an artistic twist.



Brighten up festivities with fun and unique macarons. 

Monogram macarons leave a great impression. Perfect as wedding/ party favours and for corporate/charity/school events


Fancy Shape Macarons

Whatever shape you are looking for, we can recreate - Valentine hearts, cloud for a birthday party, butterflies, the possibilities are endless


Cakes worthy for your special event. We can create cakes made out of macarons or use them as elegant decorations.


Nature Macarons

I love creating animal shaped macarons. 

If you have a specific idea in mine, please just contact us and we would be happy to make it into a macaron!


These are Kaya's signature macarons decorated with geometric designs. They can be added on any shape and colour.


Amandier Macarons

Greenwich, CT


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